About Our Company is the Africas’s leading public trading platform for buying and selling medical equipment, parts and services.

MEDBIZ was founded in 2020 as an open marketplace for healthcare professionals, medical equipment manufacturers, brokers, and dealers. Many of the original features on were free, and still are today. You can register for free, post classified ads, browse, and read our Online News — all for free.

MEDBIZ’s main navigation bar will take you to the major areas of our site: listings for Equipment and Parts in over 500 categories; Auctions; and MEDBIZ’s Daily News.

Healthcare providers can run Commission-Free Private Sales which allow you to keep all the proceeds. MEDBIZ also has various paid services users can use to enhance the visibility of their listings on MEDBIZ, and also to advertise directly. The most popular options are:
– Buying Listing Upgrades
– Running Full-Service and Self-Managed Auctions
– Running Targeted Text Ads and other Online Ads, including Flash and GIF ads.

MEDBIZ does not own any of the equipment or parts listed on our site. All listings are posted by our registered users. 

How it Works

How do I post an ad?

You can post a free ad at any time by simply clicking the "Post an Ad" link at the top of any page. This will guide you through our simple posting process where you will be able to select a category and location for your ad, provide a title and a description, select an expiration date and upload up to 5 pictures. You can also click here to post an ad now.

How do I edit my ad?

You can edit your ad by logging in to your account. From there, select which ad you want to change and click "Edit". Similar to the ad posting process, the editing page will allow you to change anything on your ad including the category, location, title, description, and your contact information. When done click save changes.

How do I delete my ad?

You can delete your ad by logging in to and going to your page. From there, select which ad you want to remove and click "Delete". A pop up message will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete the ad. Please be aware that once you delete an ad the action cannot be undone. If you are ready to delete your ad click "Ok".

How do I receive messages?

If someone responds to your ad by filling out the “Respond to this ad” section, our system will relay the message to your email address. You can then reply directly to the person who sent you the inquiry. You may want to check your junk/spam mail folder to make sure messages are not being sent there by accident.

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