Digital Radiography

Our Digital Radiography (DR) machine is not only affordable but exceeds all the high-quality standards you expect from it.
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YU300 Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator

The Home Oxygen Concentrator is a compact, table-top oxygen generator for general use at home. It is used for relaxation, to recover from fatigue or exposure to high pollution. The LCD display and buttons on the top of the device allow for easy control of the device. It’s flow rate ranges from 1 – 5 ...
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Castors & Wheels

Castors and Wheels. Mobility solutions for all industries.
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Multipurpose Tool Box


Tool Kit

Our electronic toolset comes made with high-quality chrome vanadium steel for maximum durability in all work environments, has a TPR Flexible handle that makes you feel more comfortable while using it, comes with 138 pieces of tools to meet all your electronic repairs demands in your daily life, and has a good anti-rust effect given ...

Medical Gas Probes (British Standard)

Our British standard medical gas probe is available for the kinds of gas: O2, AIR, VAC, N2O, N2, CO2. The probe is only connected with British standard medical gas terminal units.


Single or double hose reusable NIBP cuffs for neonates, children, adults, and large adults use.

Vaporizer Filler Adapter

It is designed with 2 inner tubes, one to let the air escape and the other to let the agent flow into the vaporizer and also  prevents vapor-lock.

SPO2 Probe Sensor

All types are available. Infants, children, and adults.
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Pressure connecting Tube Dual 150cm P/N:600106

ANTMED’s range of high-pressure connecting tubes ensures comprehensive clinical validation, strict bio-compatibility testing, and safe clinical use. They feature a rotating male Luer lock fitting for flexibility and ease of operation and deliver excellent performance under high temperatures and pressure.

Pressure connecting Tube Single 150cm P/N:600101

ANTMED’s range of high-pressure connecting tubes ensures comprehensive clinical validation, strict bio-compatibility testing, and safe clinical use. They feature a rotating male Luer lock fitting for flexibility and ease of operation and deliver excellent performance under high temperatures and pressure.


Shadowless Operating Surgical Lamp Halogen Light Bulbs

Soda Lime

SMARTMED is a granular soda lime absorbent used for the efficient removal of carbon dioxide from closed and semi-closed patient breathing circuits.


The Sony UPD898MD (UP-D898MD) is a compact A6 medical grade black and white digital printer. It is designed to be integrated into a wide range of compatible medical imaging environments. Environments such as digital ultrasound systems, mobile C-arms, or cardiac catheterization laboratory. The high-quality thermal print engine can produce hard copy prints of still images ...

Ultrasound Gel

ECO SuperGel’s are acoustically perfect ultrasound gels designed for sensitive medical testing where only the best will do. Our acoustic gels are used throughout medical facilities around the country where specialized testing is required.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The lightweight, portable and accurate fingertip pulse oximeter is designed with the user in mind and is effective and efficient in its performance.

Ultrasound Thermal Printer Paper

The Opstar ultrasound paper is compatible with all Sony & Mitsubishi black and white printers.

Handsfree Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

The automatic, infrared thermometer is a stand-alone system that allows workers and visitors to measure their temperature quickly and accurately.

OMRON M2 Basic

The M2 Basic fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor gives you comfortable, quick, and accurate blood pressure monitoring. It measures your blood pressure and pulse rate simply and quickly. Accuracy, as well as comfort, is ensured with Intellisense technology, which always inflates the cuff to the peak pressure that is tailored to your own ...

Fetal Doppler

This handheld fetal doppler is designed to meet the requirements of the fetus’s daily FHR detection and monitoring between routine examinations. It is very suitable and convenient to use at home, community, in clinics, and in hospitals.

Oxygen Flow Splitter

The oxygen flow meter stand is a device intended to distribute medical oxygen from a source to multiple independent outlets. It can be connected to any low-pressure oxygen source, including concentrators, cylinders, and a centralized system, and is suitable for tabletop or wall mounting.

Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Portable, lightweight, durable and efficient, this Finger Pulse Oximeter is designed with a bright LED display to show results visibly while at the same time performing as expected.

Fluid Infusion Warmer

Hawkmed IV Fluid Warmer, for blood and IV Fluids. Compact and lightweight, Colorful LCD screen with detailed info, double groove heating for two infusion sets at the same time and highly reliable.

Infusion Pump

The Hawkmed Infusion pump HK-100 II with compact and lightweight design saves space and creates comfort during patient transport.

Syringe Pump

The new and improved Hawkmed Syringe Pump HK-400 III is more intelligent, advanced, and easy to use with a multitude of new features to benefit both the user and the patient.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

DEDAKJ DDT-1A Portable 1-6L Adjustable Oxygen Concentrator Generator Oxygen Machine For Home and Office Use

Atomizing Fog Smoke Machine

This atomizing fog smoke machine provides you with a clean and disinfected environment. It is easy to operate and is very user friendly.

GE Dash 2500 Monitor

The GE Dash 2500 monitor is a dependable, cost-effective bedside monitor that gives you the clinical intelligence you need to assess and treat your patients with speed, accuracy, and attention. The monitor includes clinical parameters to capture vital patient measurements and exceptional cardiac monitoring to help accurately detect arrhythmias. The Dash 2500 is designed for ...

GE Logiq V5 Ultrasound Machine

The GE Logiq V5 is armed with some integral image-enhancing ultrasound technology. Some of these features include M-Mode, Color Doppler, Power Doppler, Compound imaging, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Panoramic imaging, and Auto Optimization. All of these technologies are integral to providing the best possible patient care. This ultrasound machine, very user friendly, uses DICOM, Ethernet, and ...
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GCX Vertical CPU Wall Mount

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Bedrail Hook Unit 2069156-001

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Bedrail 10000002929

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TRAM NET to Ethernet Adapter Board

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PRO400 V2, Fascia, DP410, FRU Kit

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PRO300 V2, Fascia, DP310, FRU Kit

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PRO200 V2, KIT, Fascia English, DP210 FRU

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Philips Core Access Point, 1.4GHz

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GCX P402425 Mounting Arm

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GCX Ergo Keyboard

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Configured Monitor Vertical Mount Kit

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Comm Board 2014934-002 Rev A

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